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11/24/15 GLONASS Union has delivered educational lectures for the Chinese State Corporation specialists
20 members of the Chinese State Corporation NORINCO, one of the biggest diversified holdings in the country, have been undergoing a training in Bauman Moscow State Technical University from October 8 to November 20. The ERA-GLONASS project head manager Mikhail Korablev delivered a series of lectures to the guests from the PRC on the creation, working principles, capacities and potential of the Russian emergency response system.
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11/20/15 Russia’s Glonass-M navigation satellite planned for launch in late December
The Glonass-M satellite, which has No. 51, will replace the satellite that has operated for three years above the warranty term in the Russian navigational orbital grouping
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11/19/15 Transas launched High Voltage Training Breaker
Transas has launched a high voltage training solution for marine engineering and electrical training in response to recently introduced STCW requirements in this field.
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11/17/15 The 6th Siberian Energy Forum
From November 24 to 27, 2015 the 6th Siberian Energy Forum will take place in SIBERIA International Exhibition and Business Center in Krasnoyarsk. Forum will be held with the support of Association “GLONASS\GNSS-Forum”.
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11/16/15 Experts of GLONASS Union discussed the development of interstate standards at the forum in Chengdu

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Current news

Teleservice generation for mobile agricultural machines
The basis for this is the CONNEX-TC3G, the latest telemetry on-board unit developed and manufactured by STW, which is able to collect and assess vehicle and user data via a CANbus connection. It also supports the mobile radio standards 2G/3G and CDMA, transmits via Bluetooth 4.0 or WLAN, and determines its own position through GPS and GLONASS.

New Etisalat app unlocks, starts your car remotely… even switches on AC
Among other features, as the application is compatible with GPS, GLONASS, and GSM M2M Technology, users can easily locate their vehicle with a simple touch of a button – an ideal theft deterrent and security feature.

Telit lands major orders at global tier ones
eCall is an emergency service developed by the European Union in collaboration with the Russian ERA-GLONASS satellite navigation system. It will be mandatory for each newly registered car in the EU from April 2018.

Etisalat, Nissan launch Middle East's first connected car
After downloading the app on any Android or IOS smartphone, users will gain remote control of locks, horn, headlights, windows and the vehicle's air conditioning - allowing Nissan customers the ability to cool down the car in advance of their drive. As the app is compatible with GPS, GLONASS and GSM M2M Technology, users can easily locate their vehicle with a touch of a button - an ideal theft deterrent and security feature.

The Global Automotive OEM Telematics Market - 2nd Edition
The connected car is a major trend in the automotive industry and virtually all of the world's leading carmakers have launched mass-market services in key regions. The drivers behind adoption of OEM telematics are both commercial and regulatory. Regulatory initiatives related to safety and security will have a decisive effect on the adoption of OEM telematics in Europe and Latin America. The EU's eCall initiative and Russia's ERA-GLONASS set the sight on making an automatic emergency call device a mandatory safety feature in all new cars sold.


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