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10/31/14 Foreign automakers have equipped vehicles with devices based on GLONASS technologies
The Italian auto concern IVECO, in preparation for the entry into force Customs Unions technical regulations, according to which from January 1st 2015 all new vehicles must be equipped with devices "ERA-GLONASS", has tested these devices in their cars.
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10/30/14 VI Moscow International Congress on ITS coming soon!
The 6th International Congress on intelligent transportation systems will take place on 5th November 2015, in Congress Centre of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in Moscow.
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10/29/14 Russia and Belarus to use new Vostochny space launch facility jointly
The two countries are creating an inter-state system for space monitoring of emergency situations as part of a CIS cooperation programme. The new space monitoring system is to be based on the Russian GLONASS navigation system.
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10/28/14 New high-precision receiver GLONASS / GPS / GALILEO has been presented at the exhibition in Moscow

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10/27/14 The cadastre information in Russia will become public
The Russian Cabinet meeting was discussed the issue concerning available public services in the field of cadastre registration, properties registration.
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